Tuscan potato soup {zuppa toscana}


Potato soup warms the bones on a chilly autumn day. Amber and I had been craving potato soup and since the weather has turned, why not put in on the menu! Regular potato soup.. you know, the creamy cheesy version.. sounded delicious, but I wanted something different. That’s when I remembered the Zuppa Toscana dish… 

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Balsamic and herb marinated grilled chicken thighs

balsamic herb chicken-3

Herbs and chicken go together like bread and butter. Or at least FRESH herbs and chicken. If you haven’t been cooking with fresh herbs, you will immediately notice a boost in taste and find yourself surrounded by an herby aroma once you are finished chopping them as finely as possible. With that said.. use fresh… 

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Creamy farfalle and feta pasta salad

Pasta Salad-1

Food bloggers from around the world take comfort in sharing their passion for food. Food bloggers aren’t magazine editors, they are not professional writers, and in most cases, aren’t professionally trained in the culinary arts. They are passionate about food and creating, sharing, pinning, tweeting, pinging, and pie(ing) is what they do best. Unless you… 

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One-pot skillet penne pasta


When I made this recipe, I wanted something like lasagna in a skillet.. but with penne pasta. Its an odd craving right? Well, I sort of got my wish. This dinner turned out to be something special in its own right and made me forget about skillet lasagna altogether. I packed this one-pot skillet penne… 

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Moist banana and strawberry bread


New recipe on Lifesity! Banana bread is perfect for using up those extra ripe bananas. But what about the softening, extra ripe strawberries? Try this very moist banana and strawberry bread! I’ll be honest, I’ve never made banana bread before. This was my very first attempt and by some far reaching miracle, it actually turned… 

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Snow day? More like snow days!


Just when we thought the snow was over…. we got more. However, this snow was different. It was a fluffy, wet snow that stuck to everything in sight. See the evergreen branch hanging above the tiki torch? Yeah, it’s not supposed to be there. Other limbs snapped to their demise, but our little limb held… 

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